Johnson Logistics Kansas

USDOT # 2269408
7009 S Jordan Rd
Englewood, CO 80112
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Additional Phone: (303) 785-4300
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Moving with Johnson Logistics Kansas

Johnson Logistics Kansas supplies indisputable services to our client as we attempt to satisfy our customer wants.
Johnson Logistics Kansas takes into circumstance the thought and critiquing our customers may give.
Customers have told us Johnson Logistics Kansas is in the area and our Johnson Logistics Kansas reviews below reflect instructive commentary.

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These folks were truly the best! For one thing, they gave back my telephone call inside of 60 minutes. After that, we imparted by means of email which they additionally answered rapidly to.

Johnson Logistics on time and well equipped. They had all the tools to disassemble my bed and tables. We had 2 movers move everything back and forth and the 3rd guy was packing everything very neatly and efficiently. Thank you very much!

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