Graebel Van Lines

USDOT # 220843
16456 Airport Circle
Denver, CO 80221
Contact Phone: 855-333-4485
Additional Phone: (303) 214-6788
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Moving with Graebel Van Lines

Are you moving across state lines? Did you make the decision to move across the country? Whatever your circumstances, Graebel Van Lines is ready to help you for the long haul. We understand that moving far away is stressful, and we commit to reducing that burden of stress in any way we can. If you’re headed to the other side of the country, or even the other side of the world, we can help get you there with ease.

Our experience has grown with several different types of moves in our portfolio. We have overseen the transport of medical clinics, family relocations, offices, and more. There is no amount of ground we can’t cover to make your move a successful one. From local moves to international moves, location is never a problem for us. We do it all: packing, full inventories, furnituredisassemblyandreassembly, and storage. We understand that every moving job is unique, and it is important to us to make your move as enjoyable as possible. Our team manages service jobs in any way that puts the customer first. Our company's management skills cannotbe beatby any other moving service, and we have the facts to prove it.

Whether you are switching careers or wanting what’s best for your family, Graebel is ready to get you on the move. As a full-service van lines company, Graebel operates on every kind of job, whether large or small. In fact, in the year 2016, Graebel Van Lines moved the St. Louis Rams from St. Louis, Missouri, to Los Angeles. This all-hands-on-deck moving job consisted of relocating hundreds of pieces of equipment. Besides all the equipment, Graebel moved each individual player on the team as well. Through our professionalism and dedication to duty, we were able to get the job done.

Our sterling reputation for amazing service sets us apart from the rest of the pack. We stamp our standard of service right into the Graebel Van Lines name. With over 65 years of experience in the moving industry, it is our job to treat customers with care. Our clients over the years have ranged from commercial relocations to family moves.

As a GSA-approved van line, we have seen our fair share of military moves. Not only do we respect those in uniform, but we understand the stress of uprooting your life. We will do all we can to streamline and simplify your relocation, be it to a new state, or to another part of the world. Through our devotion to the art of moving, the prospect of starting over will be less stressful.

When you’re ready to let us help you move ahead, you can give us a call toll-free at either 1-877-488-3575 or (303) 214-6788.For more information on our moving services, please visit our website at For licensing and insurance verification purposes, our USDOT number is 220843. When you’re ready to make a move, make it with Graebel Van Lines. Many others have. Read reviews and hear from real customers about how outstanding our services are!

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I have personal experience with knowing this company. They were acquired by All My Sons Moving company a bit over a year ago, they are paying to use the Graebel name. Why would they pay to use it, because their name has been damaged. They hire on contractors, who in turn hire their own crews. These crews mostly consist of illegal undocumented workers which they can pay less because it is under the table. Their is no incentive to work here. Graebel once had a good name, but with them no longer and a company like All My Sons, it will only be damaged further.

We contracted Graebel Movers in Oct 2015. We had them move our belongings out of our old house and into storage for approx 5 months while our new house was being built.We had approx 200 boxes and furniture to be moved. On move in day, everything seemed to be going along good.All furniture and boxes were moved and put in designated rooms according to label on boxes.As my wife unpacked boxes one at a time, do to washing clothes and dishes in boxes after being stored for 5 months, we slowly got down to the floor. Boxes were piled 3 to 4 high in groups in different rooms. When we got to the bottom of boxes, we found scratches on the NEW hardwood floors. we started moving all boxes and found quite a few scratches. We found a nice gauge in the floor under a recliner chair.We contacted Loretta and she said "she would start a claim for us" she said we had thirty days for damages and 90 days for damaged goods.We received an Email from Carrie Bratz ( from Graebel in Wisconsin in regards to our claim.We were trying to get all vendors together to get this repair estimate, She had told us that was OK as long as you let me know what was going on. We had been able to send in all quotes from venders on May 15, 2016 due to getting everyone to submit their quotes. We received this--
-(-Dear Mr. Casale ,
We would like to thank you for your time and cooperation throughout our claim investigation. We have concluded our investigation of the claim submitted and have detailed our findings below:
Graebel Vanlines Holdings, LLC. has received your claim form for your move to SC. Our file indicates that your delivery date was 4/1/16. We received your property claim form on 4/8/16. Notification of property damages has to be within 48 hours of occurrence.

Based on the above, we regret we must deny your claim. We trust that you can understand that under the circumstances we cannot accept liability for your claim. We certainly value your business and thank you for using our services for your move and for your patience during the review of your claim.)
Again we had over 200 boxes and they now were saying we had 48 hours.We were told we had 30 days by Loretta. (Less)

I had a fantastic involvement with this moving company, to such an extent that I'm thinking about whether the past commentators and I are portraying the same moving company. All aspects of the experience from the introductory review to the convey was on-time and totally bother free. They pressed and unloaded everything deliberately and were exceptionally gracious the whole time. The correspondence previously, then after the fact the move was likewise more than I anticipated. I have no protests and exceedingly suggest Graebel's administrations.

We likewise had issues with a few broken things and missing stock. Client administration was a bad dream and the things that were feeling the loss of (the greater part of my costly ski apparatus) won't be repaid in light of the fact that they by one means or another were excluded on the stock. We were never advised we expected to chase after the 3 women pressing in 3 unique ranges of the house to check what was in every case before it was stacked onto the truck. Rather, they stuffed it and stacked it onto the truck and afterward instruct you to simply sign the stock sheets. At that point they lose the stock and intervention is your just choice.

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