Konami Moving & Storage

USDOT # 2914575
17206 SATICOY ST # 310
Van Nuys, CA 91406
Van Nuys
Contact Phone: 877-939-7333
Additional Phone: (818) 993-2170
Company Site: www.konamimovingandstorage.com

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Konami Moving & Storage can induce your move easy with relocation companies who may equal with you every tone of the room.
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My move to Los Angeles went smoothly. They picked me up in Hackensack, NJ within a couple days of me calling them. It was a rush job and they delivered. I received my items in LA about 2 weeks after they picked up my furniture. It was a small move but it went perfectly. The women I talked to was great as well. She was meticulous tallying my things to go on the truck.

Konami was quite impressive in their overall moving service. From my original home in Scottsdale, AZ all the way to Washington DC it was perfect. The women I spoke to during my initial assessment was Cheryl. I spoke to her off and on through out a month. She was very patient, kind and very knowledgeable. She said she has been a moving analyst for 15 years and the way she evaluated my inventory I would believe her. Without even stepping foot in my home she was exactly correct on my size of items and the amount to move right over the phone, also some face-time. The moving team she dispatched handled my items with care and were easy to talk to. The team the delivered my items were professional as well. They even have someone call you to check on how the move went. I told them A+ and to look for my positive review online.

They are dangerous. Stay away. The cost is 1000 to 1500$ more than estimated price. It takes more than a month to receive your items. They move it from truck to truck. I am absolutely fool to chose them.

I had to make a quick move to Renton to be near my father and the only company I spoke with able to do this was Konami. The phone salesperson helped me itemize my belongings quickly and made the hectic move a bit easier on me. The other reviews I read on them said the sales people were great, but I thought the moving team was great too. It didn't have a whole lot of things, but they were kind and professional to me. Maybe it's a hit or miss. I really thought they were five-star worthy.

I had to make a quick move to Renton to be near my father and the only company I spoke with able to do this was Konami. The phone salesperson helped me itemize my belongings quickly and made the hectic move a bit easier on me. The other reviews I read on them said the sales people were great but I thought the moving team was great too. It didn't have a whole lot of things but they were kind and professional to me. Maybe it's a hit or miss. I really thought they were five star worthy.

Recently I moved from LA to Renton to be close to my father. I had to move on short notice and Konami had me out of my old house and into my apartment in just over a week. No other company I spoke with was able to accommodate.

What you pay is what you get. First of all beware about sales person. They promise everything thing but in reality nothing is met. Konami moving is a just a moving sales company, but behind the scenes, moving is handled by multiple companies. None of the promise the sales person said didn't happen. Items came after a month and missing several items. When called customer service they are so rude, unpolite,..... You can never experience a worst customer service like this. PLEASE DO NOT GO WITH THESE GUYS. I'VE EXPERIENCED THE WORST AND NEVER WANTED TO ANOTHER VICTIM. STAYS AWAY FROM THEM.

Not even one star rating-This place Konami is absolutely horrible, stay away!! These are all of your valuable items in your house, don't let any moving company "move" them, do it yourself, so you know where and how your things are.They LIE about EVERY single thing. They showed up 1 day and 7 hours late. The quote is $1,000 more than original quote given on the phone. Its impossible to estimate how many boxes you will end up with so be prepared to pay a lot more. They told me on the phone 7 to 10 days for delivery, I asked just business days the said No weekends count. Then when they arrived and loaded up everything (its too late to change your plan at this point) they tell you the price increase AND that it will take 14 days to deliver. Also I was lied to about my things being moved several times from truck to truck, they originally said this would not happen, Then when they were about to leave they said yes our things would be moved several times from truck to truck-that obviously increases the chance of damage to our items. The moving truck I was told was headed south towards hurricane Harvey -we were moving north 2,000 miles. So, 14 days pass, I call to see where our things are and the lady tells me Legally we have 30 BUISNESS days, I was so pissed I just hung up, we still have not received our things they are still in Texas and Konami could not tell me where my things were or when I would get them. Please save yourself -in the end move things yourself it ends up being same price-this place needs to be reported to BBB

To add to my review below..they also use the name Executive Moving and Storage. Do not use. Read below.

Filing a police report for theft, a complaint to DOT and BBB. First they were late picking up my items. Then my stuff sat in a warehouse for a month. They do not own their own trucks so they wait for a rig to come through. They say 7 to 10 days for delivery but its actually 30. When it finally arrived, I was missing so much. I got only part of my bed, so its useless. Somehow they lost my king mattress, a bed rail, a nightstand, two boxes, my childs bike. How do you lose a king mattress? They said it had been left behind in the city of origin and they would get the items to me on the next shipment. It never came and they stopped communicating. Also my first bid was $1200 but after it was all said and done I paid $1950. They collect payment before they will unload so you cannot do anything about missing or broken items. They will only take cash or money order at delivery so you cannot dispute the charge regardless of what is missing. And now I have to go buy a new bed, etc. anyway. What a waste. The owners are Angelo Perez and John Espina. They also use the name Konami Moving and Storage. Do not use them! All I can say is karma is a bitch to you both.

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