Konami Moving & Storage

USDOT # 2914575
17206 SATICOY ST # 310
Van Nuys, CA 91406
Van Nuys
Contact Phone: 877-939-7333
Additional Phone: (818) 993-2170
Company Site: www.konamimovingandstorage.com

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Konami Moving & Storage can induce your move easy with relocation companies who may equal with you every tone of the room.
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What you pay is what you get. First of all beware about sales person. They promise everything thing but in reality nothing is met. Konami moving is a just a moving sales company, but behind the scenes, moving is handled by multiple companies. None of the promise the sales person said didn't happen. Items came after a month and missing several items. When called customer service they are so rude, unpolite,..... You can never experience a worst customer service like this. PLEASE DO NOT GO WITH THESE GUYS. I'VE EXPERIENCED THE WORST AND NEVER WANTED TO ANOTHER VICTIM. STAYS AWAY FROM THEM.

Not even one star rating-This place Konami is absolutely horrible, stay away!! These are all of your valuable items in your house, don't let any moving company "move" them, do it yourself, so you know where and how your things are.They LIE about EVERY single thing. They showed up 1 day and 7 hours late. The quote is $1,000 more than original quote given on the phone. Its impossible to estimate how many boxes you will end up with so be prepared to pay a lot more. They told me on the phone 7 to 10 days for delivery, I asked just business days the said No weekends count. Then when they arrived and loaded up everything (its too late to change your plan at this point) they tell you the price increase AND that it will take 14 days to deliver. Also I was lied to about my things being moved several times from truck to truck, they originally said this would not happen, Then when they were about to leave they said yes our things would be moved several times from truck to truck-that obviously increases the chance of damage to our items. The moving truck I was told was headed south towards hurricane Harvey -we were moving north 2,000 miles. So, 14 days pass, I call to see where our things are and the lady tells me Legally we have 30 BUISNESS days, I was so pissed I just hung up, we still have not received our things they are still in Texas and Konami could not tell me where my things were or when I would get them. Please save yourself -in the end move things yourself it ends up being same price-this place needs to be reported to BBB

To add to my review below..they also use the name Executive Moving and Storage. Do not use. Read below.

Filing a police report for theft, a complaint to DOT and BBB. First they were late picking up my items. Then my stuff sat in a warehouse for a month. They do not own their own trucks so they wait for a rig to come through. They say 7 to 10 days for delivery but its actually 30. When it finally arrived, I was missing so much. I got only part of my bed, so its useless. Somehow they lost my king mattress, a bed rail, a nightstand, two boxes, my childs bike. How do you lose a king mattress? They said it had been left behind in the city of origin and they would get the items to me on the next shipment. It never came and they stopped communicating. Also my first bid was $1200 but after it was all said and done I paid $1950. They collect payment before they will unload so you cannot do anything about missing or broken items. They will only take cash or money order at delivery so you cannot dispute the charge regardless of what is missing. And now I have to go buy a new bed, etc. anyway. What a waste. The owners are Angelo Perez and John Espina. They also use the name Konami Moving and Storage. Do not use them! All I can say is karma is a bitch to you both.

Absolutely the most worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. They canceled my pickup twice. Once with a message left on my phone 14 hours before loading and a second time with no phone call at all, just didn't show up. The sales person made all kinds of promises and a great sales pitch and then when the movers finally showed up 6 days late I was told that none of what was promised to me was included in the move. They also tried to double the quote that was given to me. They showed up in a small moving truck that was already half full and did not have the room to put my things in the truck. After 3 hours of fighting with them I told them to get out of my house. DO NOT CALL THIS COMPANY FOR ANYTHING. THEY ARE CROOKS AND THEY SHOULD BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS. VERY RUDE AND NOT PROFESSIONAL AT ALL.

Nobody ever wants to miss the excitement and joy of the racing season, I am not exempted but unluckily for me I had to make an urgent move during this season. I needed a dedicated moving company that would handle the move seamlessly and fast so that I can have time to enjoy myself with my friends. Epic Moving Systems was the perfect option for me. In fact, they made my move a great success. My move was seamless and very fast such that I did not miss anything in the season. I had time to put my home in order before the event began and I was able to enjoy it all with my friends. More than anything else, I needed a very efficient and well organized moving company to handle my job. This made me to search everywhere online for the best movers and I got them. Epic Moving Systems is the moving company everyone would want. From the packing of my stuff to the moving and even the unpacking everything was well organized. Thank you for the job you did.
Move size: 3 Bedroom Home

Before choosing a moving company, my friends and colleagues advised me to extend my leave because the move will leave me exhausted. I had to follow my gut and in the end of the day I did not extend the leave. I am truly happy to have followed my gut. Thankfully, the moving company I hired, Epic Moving Systems took care of the entire move, ensuring that there was no hassle during the move. They also made sure that it was timely and highly efficient. I had a refreshing experience in the move. Since I had a lot of stuff to move in this move, I thought I would need a storage unit. I was glad to hear that the cost of storage unit has greatly reduced but interestingly, I never needed them in the end of the day because the moving company had everything needed to perfectly convey my stuff to the destination.
Move size: 2 Bedroom Home

I was really nervous about using a mover due to all the bad reviews and horror stories I've read online, but at the end of the day I'm really glad I chose to use this company. They got right to work and worked 7 hours straight. Packed everything loaded it onto the truck and were able to deliver everything in 3 days. Amazing service and recommend them to everybody that needs a mover.

Great service! The guys were fast efficient and on time for the pick up end and the delivery end.

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