Golden Gate Moving

USDOT # 2736217
PUC # 190001
1416 San Mateo Ave
South San Francisco, CA 94080
South San Francisco
Contact Phone: 415-469-7509
Additional Phone: (650) 273-1910
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Moving with Golden Gate Moving

Golden Gate Moving Company has been family claimed and worked subsequent to 1969 and has following given the San Francisco Bay Area with master moving and capacity. With over 35 years of involvement in the matter of moving we take awesome pride in our notoriety for giving solid and inviting support of every one of our clients. This has been the way to our prosperity for such a large number of years.
San Francisco's Most Experienced Piano Movers
We are additionally the chief piano moving organization in California. We are prepared to handle any sort of piano move, from the littlest upright piano to the biggest stupendous piano, from single piano moves, to moving many units for deals or occasions.
Private Moving Throughout the San Francisco Bay Area
Golden Gate Moving has been giving remarkable client administration and a smooth moving operation for a huge number of fulfilled clients all through the San Francisco Bay Area for almost four decades. Our originator, Pat "PJ" McGee has ingrained in our whole team that each client must leave cheerful and bother free – we are devoted to ensuring you are 100% fulfilled when our work is finished.
Whether it is piano moving, private moving, shipping and accepting or capacity, we handle it all! We benefit the whole cove range including San Francisco County, San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Solano County, Napa County, Sonoma County, Marin County, Sacramento County, Santa Cruz County and Monterey County.

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Horrible experience with this moving company! Movers did not show up on time and operator was not responsive! Ended up making changes to everything. Stay away from this company!

As a solitary lady around here all alone it's alarming finding help moving. I brought all over and had three individuals turned out for appraisals that were downright crawls and an excessive amount of. Until a companion prescribed his piano movers to me. He said they likewise do family unit moves. Beyond any doubt enough I called Golden Gate and PJ turned out and was a sweetheart not in any manner unpleasant like the others. Truly forthright and fair. Touched base on time as said and had a group accessible the following week to make my turn.
It was astounding! I didn't lift a finger and every one of the folks were so watchful and neighborly. It's an old school family claimed business with observable ethic and trustworthiness.

I required somebody who could get my upright piano up a limited stair with an entire 90 turn at the top, just 32" wide. It is an exceptionally intense occupation despite the fact that I knew it should be possible. I could get a cost by messaging photographs of the stairs and measurements of the piano. It was not shoddy but rather I didn't need modest, I needed great and I got it. Sal and his team appeared on time, were immediate and productive. They buckled down and well. I'm satisfied. They were prescribed by the house movers who moved me in.

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