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Whether you are just moving two or three miles away or more than 100 miles away, we mean to be the single hotspot for the whole migration process. No occupation is too little or enormous. Aren't certain if your home will be prepared for you? Not to stress, Best Moving Van Lines offers stockpiling administrations at sensible costs. Auto shipping help is likewise accessible if you require it. Long separation moving administrations to any national and overall area is accessible. We remain absolutely determined to address the issues of our clients and we have not overlooked that customers dependably start things out.
Amazing movement benefit that is likewise reasonable might appear like the street less went by numerous moving organizations, however Best Moving Van Lines is pleased to be a pioneer in our very own alliance. Remember that when a Best Moving Van Lines truck goes to your home or office, it accompanies committed group of movers, first class proficient moving hardware, and years of experience. We are resolved to abandoning you awed with our administrations!
A portion of our administrations incorporate dismantling and reassembling. To guarantee that the greater part of your things land to your new home or office in the same condition in which we lifted them up, our movers will appear to your home with the majority of the sufficient moving hardware/materials. All movers are prepared to give careful consideration to a particular points of interest that our clients demand.
It is our central goal to ensure you get top quality administrations - whether you are moving locally inside of California or out of state. We give FREE gauges through our site, by telephone, and in addition in individual. For your benefit we are open seven days a week. If it's not too much trouble don't hesitate to contact our operators, as we enthusiastic to offering you some assistance with planning a smooth, push free moving boxes and material.

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Meghan Grenier

Meghan Grenier


How is this company still in business??? I will tell you how they use Broker company's with good reviews to do the smooth-talking, and then you get this company. If I knew that this company would be handling my move, I would have never used them in a million years. On pick up, they showed up 3 hours late. My pick-up time was supposed to be 3-5 pm. They showed up at quarter to 9. On arrival, I was told that the tariff was filled out improperly, and they had to call to get it adjusted from weight to something else. This was my first red flag. If it weren't for the fact that I had already put a large sum of money down, I would have just called it then. They get all my stuff out to the truck and tell me it will be almost a grand more than initially quoted and that I owed them over 900 right then and there in cash. I looked at the guy and told him that I had a cashier's check for the original amount and that I could write him a check for the remaining amount as it was now after 10 pm, and nowhere was open for me to run and get that kind of cash. Things to look out for that they will not tell you. the first available pick-up date is the date they start counting from for your delivery. SO if you need your stuff quickly don't use this company. You want an update, you need to call them and ask, and you need to keep calling because they will not contact you. I had to reach out almost every day to get them to give me anything, only to call back and be told that that was not correct. If you are making a long-distance move, don't do what I did. Check the U.S Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Website or even the California Movers & Storage Association website I wish I had done this before moving. Also, know your rights when looking for a company. In my post-move research, I found out that a lot of these little companies are just scammers, and you can report them to the federal government. There are so many resources available, and it is so sad that these websites designed to help the people moving are berried, buy ads, and shady companies like this one.

Dave David

Dave David


Get these folks for your move! Truly, they are great to work with.They are spectacular! I have used them twice. They are professional, on time, fast and dependable. The movers appeared on time .They were most delightful and did such an incredible job of moving all my stuff. They were proficient, extra careful about not breaking anything. I will be recommending Best Moving Van Line to every one of my loved ones and will be using them again.


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Did you know?

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In the United States, a commercial driver's license is required to drive any type of commercial vehicle weighing 26,001 lb (11,794 kg) or more. In 2006 the US trucking industry employed 1.8 million drivers of heavy trucks.

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The American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) is a non-profit trade association. AMSA represents members of the professional moving industry primarily based in the United States. The association consists of approximately 4,000 members. They consist of van lines, their agents, independent movers, forwarders, and industry suppliers. However, AMSA does not represent the self-storage industry.

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