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PUC # 190151
15113 Thoits St
San Leandro, CA 94579
San Leandro
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Additional Phone: (510) 200-1788
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Moving with Liberty Moving

Liberty Moving Company spends significant time in minimal effort moving administrations for both private and business needs. We are a freely claimed and worked organization with direct supervision by proprietors on each employment we do!
Our group has the experience to take the bothers and worry of your whole moving procedure. So if it's not too much trouble let us help! For more data about our administrations, rates and accessibility.

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I really appreciate Said Transfer service, such a great moving experience! Absolutely fantastic job done! Said Transfer arrived on time and got the job done excellent. Everything carefully packed and loaded with protective covers and padding. I finally found a mover who know how to respect furniture.

"Highly recommend their service. Very informative website and down to earth people to deal with. Had great house moving experience with them. Safe and timely delivery"

I have moved with Liberty Moving 3 times and they have yet to disappoint. Its a family run business with three generations who have contributed to its success. The owner Mike and his two sons know how to run a great business. I highly recommend Liberty

Try not to USE THIS COMPANY. They harmed over $1,000 furniture and doctored the moving consent to keep away from obligation. After I heard the my bed outline break, I went upstairs to see what happened, this movers group were totally amateurish and foolhardy all through the whole process. There are better movers in the range, so kindly don't utilize these folks.

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