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PUC # 190133
2622 36th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94116
San Francisco
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Additional Phone: (415) 756-3188
Company Site: www.88moving.com

Moving with Oasis Moving Company

Oasis spring Moving Company, individual from the Better Business Bureau, is a family claimed and privately worked moving organization. Whether your turn takes you practically around the bend or California statewide, we at Oasis Moving Company can help all or a portion of it. Here are a couple reasons why:
  • We are authorized with State of California Public Utilities Commission and submit to the standards and regulations of CPUC.
  • We are completely safeguarded. The freight protection accommodates recuperation for lost or harmed things up to $20,000.
  • We are devoted, watchful, experienced and reliable expert movers.
  • We share your inclination towards moving and comprehend that you are moving more than simply your possessions.
  • We go additional mile to make your turn very much composed and as anxiety free as could reasonably be expected.
  • We make a decent attempt to keep your moving costs lower.
  • We mind your moving, no occupation is too enormous or too little.

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These folks moved me into capacity and afterward later into my new home. Marvelous folks who made a phenomenal showing painstakingly moving my things! Exceedingly prescribed. They'll even wrap your stuff in plastic to ensure it everything amid the move. They wonderfully concealed the edges on my stairs to maintain a strategic distance from any harm.

Laborers were quick reasonable cost every hour
Moved from Burlingame to the marina
Whole process took just 3 hours (pressing and stacking old home, 1 stop to drop off love seats at purchaser's home + emptying at second story new home)

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