A&R Moving & Transportation

USDOT # 2925375
4348 37TH ST APT 1
San Diego, CA 92105
San Diego
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Additional Phone: (619) 807-0772
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A&R Moving & Transportation will provide serving to our customers as we endeavor to adjoin our customer's demands. Our can carry asset in your arena from your previous situation to your young abode. Clients havetoodisclosed to us that A&R Moving & Transportation is the best in the district.
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They have the best drivers for our truck transfers at RYDER

Best company

This is the official move company of SDSU AZTEC Football team best in business.

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Question“Country music scholar Bill Malone has gone so far as to say that trucking songs account for the largest component of work songs in the country music catalog. For a style of music that has, since its commercial inception in the 1920s, drawn attention to the coal man, the steel drivin’ man, the railroad worker, and the cowboy, this certainly speaks volumes about the cultural attraction of the trucker in the American popular consciousness.” — Shane Hamilton

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In 1938, the now-eliminated Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) enforced the first Hours of Service (HOS) rules. Drivers became limited to 12 hours of work within a 15-hour period.At this time, work included loading, unloading, driving, handling freight, preparing reports, preparing vehicles for service, or performing any other duty in relation to the transportation of passengers or property.
The ICC intended for the 3-hour difference between 12 hours of work and 15 hours on-duty tobe usedfor meals and rest breaks.This meant that the weekly maxwas limitedto 60 hours over 7 days (non-dailydrivers), or 70 hours over 8 days (daily drivers). With these rules in place, it allowed 12 hours of work within a 15-hour period, 9 hours of rest, with 3 hours for breaks within a 24-hour day.

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