Daniel G Benavidez

PUC # 189609
4340 May St
Sacramento, CA 95838
Contact Phone:
Additional Phone: (916) 716-4192
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Household Goods Permit - Suspended - 04/14/2016 Please update with if your profile and have become compliant with the PUC of California!
.Daniel G Benavidez

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Simply utilized this service for the second time and still generally as glad. Our latest movers were Eddie, Iroel, Jaime and Ricardo and they couldn't have been more pleasant, more accommodating or more mindful. They appeared as worried with taking care of business right (and quick) as we did. Profoundly, exceedingly suggested.

Daniel G Benavidez is the best. I've utilized him on a few events throughout the years. Moving from a small two room to a house. From a house loaded with stuff to another house. He's even move my in-laws with more than 50 years of stuff to another house. He is keen and dedicated. His entire team is an incredible gathering. He's not the least expensive out there, but rather he is well justified, despite all the trouble.

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