Ridgecrest Moving & Storage Co Inc.

USDOT # 883178
880 S Gateway Blvd
Ridgecrest, CA 93555
Contact Phone: 1-800-638-9797
Additional Phone: (760) 375-4133
Company Site: www.atlasvanlines.com

Moving with Ridgecrest Moving & Storage Co Inc.

Not at all like most moving organizations, the guardian organization of Atlas Van Lines is possessed exclusively by its system of operators. They comprehend home moving firsthand. What's more, they hold each Atlas Agent to exclusive expectations – considerably higher than those required to be a ProMover (the American Moving and Storage Association's affirmation process intended to secure moving shoppers). All things considered, each Atlas Agent is guaranteed as a ProMover. What's more, since they've earned the privilege to be a piece of the Atlas system, they additionally have the Atlas home moving innovation behind them to move individuals all the more effectively and all the more safely.

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I wasn`t baffled. I chose to run with them in the wake of a monotonous month of telephone calls and offers from a wide range of moving organizations. It wasn`t simple to discover an organization that I felt happy with puting about all that I claim in their grasp... what's more, one that had a sensible cost. They truly benefited an occupation, including pressing every one of my things and conveying the shipment on time.

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