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USDOT # 2126150
PUC # 190732
7106 Marcelle Street
Paramount, CA 90723
Contact Phone: (888) 200-1265
Additional Phone: (888) 200-1265
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Moving with Cali Movers

We are a moving company dedicated to serve our clients with efficiency at the best competitive prices. We understand moving can be a hassle, but finding a trusted and safe moving company shouldn't be!
We pride ourselves to be the moving company with the highest customer service in California.

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Prompt professional service. Made my relocation super easy and painless. The company I work for paid for a packing service for me as well. Never moving without either of these two again!

It turns out that they lost a box that contained all of my pertinent paperwork: tax documents, car titles, work history, etc. This exposes me to identity theft in a huge way, not to mention that I have to pay to have a lot of these documents replaced. If you choose to have them move you, take your own inventory because theirs is a joke, and they don't double check it on delivery. I had to inform them of the lost box, which they never found.

I contracted Cali Movers to pack a trailer to leave Los Angeles. The men were super composed, proficient and unbelievably decent to my son. They landed in one vehicle and helped the truck driver in getting the trailer stopped spot on - directly before our loft working to help/encourage with the stacking.

4 men stuffed our trailer more than 4 hours without any difficulty. I had a head begin on the pressing however on things that we didn't set up, the men stuffed perfectly. I can undoubtedly affirm that they were the best some portion of our turn. NOT ONE PIECE OF MY POTTERY ARRIVED BROKEN subsequent to traversing the states for 3 days. Everything in the trailer was in amazing condition. I would effectively suggest our group again and would be cheerful to talk/email with anybody considering utilizing Cali Movers. Extraordinary because of Daniel for being so quiet, four hours of stacking is a considerable measure and they made an amazing showing.

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