Lord Moving and Storage

USDOT # 12596
3927 North South Bank Rd,
Oxnard, CA 93030
Contact Phone: (805) 485-8868
Additional Phone: (805) 485-8868
Company Site: #

Moving with Lord Moving and Storage

Understanding the demand of the client is of great importance for virtually all services, like here at Lord Moving and Storage.
Lord Moving and Storage can send your belongings in your new residence from your onetime plaza to your trade name young post.
clients have besides disclosed to us that Lord Moving and Storage is the most effective in this area. Interpret our Lord Moving and Storage reviews below for ratification.

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Your Lord Moving and Storage Reviews

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Potentially the most noticeably awful moving organization out there! Purchaser be careful, there is an explanation behind all the negative audits. Wish I had seen the audits before contracting with them to move from NY to Houston.

Broke a window amid move, handled my case, and now decline to pay. Nobody answers their telephone after you move. Try not to utilize this service.

I had better than average involvement with this moving organization I required my furniture moved from

one city to other and I got all the offer I some assistance with needing with this moving organization.

The mover landed at my home when anticipated that and was prepared would work, they were truly proficient and took care of business quick however great.

The general administration I had was incredible and the costs were far better. This is a dependable moving organization.

We contact the organization. They take the apprehension and uneasiness out of moving. They esteem every client, paying little respect to the extent of the occupation. They plan our turn in a position so we are not sticking around thinking about when or whether somebody will appear. We will land with a group of no under 2 movers, and we won't disregard you for a greater employment. We will take your products specifically to your area, not to a stockroom to sit and gather dust Unless you require space for a brief time frame.

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