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North Hollywood
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Moving with Shleppers Moving And Storage

The year was 1978. Jimmy Carter was President. New York had three record snowstorms. Rents were $600 for two bedrooms. Co-op was becoming a fashionable word and Shleppers® Moving & Storage started moving.
Over the last 30 years, New York has gotten bigger and better, and Shleppers has grown with it. With dedication to our customers and high standards, Shleppers has grown to be one of the leading moving companies in New York.
Some of New York’s most prestigious businesses and organizations have moved with Shleppers, as well as numerous discriminating celebrities like Richard Gere, John Lennon, Jerzy Kosinski, Debra Gibson, John McEnroe, Alan Alda, Blondie, Joe Gandolfini, and Alfred Molina.
At Shleppers, we always remember that service is our business. It is our responsibility to satisfy and please each and every customer; that is what we strive for each and every time we say, “yes, we’ll be happy to move you.”

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Great service, friendly guys. Would use Shleppers again without thinking twice. They took apart a big heavy structure and then put it together in the new place. They are very careful, your stuff is their stuff. They are also very respectful.

These guys are awesome ! They are efficient, on time and friendly. They distributed the workload effectively and get the job done in a very professional manner. I highly recommended Shleppers.

Highly recommend Shleppers. They worked quickly and came in right at low end of estimate. Careful attention was paid to the breakables. The two movers were extremely easy to work with - no attitude. Have had unfortunate experiences in the past with others. Grateful this went smoothly.

Shleppers were fantastic and their crew was top notch. They arrived on time and worked very hard all day. They did everything that was asked of them and then some. I will use them for all of my moves going forward and cannot express how much I appreciate how hard they worked and how professional Shleppers crew was at every level.

Excellent move! Hardworkers, no breaks (other than coffee, doughnuts, sandwiches we supplied because we wanted to). I recommended to another friend. We were under quote and we had 6 strong movers helping out. Nothing broke. Would recommend any time. Thanks Shleppers!!

Professional, courteous, efficient and trustworthy. This group knows exactly what they're doing when it comes time to pack up your items and get them safely to the next location. The movers genuinely care about your items and consider different options on how to best protect what you're moving. Highly Recommended. Thanks Shleppers.

Moving has always been a nightmare for me, that is until I found these guys. Polite, timely, excellent communication, careful with my things and very, very, nice. I will use them in the future and highly recommend them to anyone who has to move. Moving can be a difficult thing on its own, dealing with your movers shouldn't add to the problems. This company gives you one less thing to worry about.
Thank you so much Shleppers Moving Services!!

Shleppers very professional and really fast, they made my recent move fast and easy. Everything, from the initial contact to signing the contract, was quick and easy. The 3-man moving team arrived right on time and emptied my overstuffed, 2-bedroom apartment in about 2.5 hours, even though they had to carry everything down a flight of stairs. They drove straight to the new apartment and just as quickly unloaded everything, and setup the beds. Nothing was lost, nothing was damaged, and the final bill was less than quoted. Thank you. I highly recommend Shleppers.

Great movers! They arrived 5 min early and wrapped up within the 3 hour minimum. They were careful with everything and extra careful with the things I asked them to be. They worked the entire time and made sure everything was put together and that nothing was broken! I also appreciated that they would point out any pre-existing scratches so that I was aware before they moved it. Much better than my last movers who were 1.5x the price! Thanks Shleppers and crew!!

All i can say is WOW. This long distance moving company provided unbelievable service from start to finish. I was recommended to Shleppers from a friend of mine, and I
am definitely satisfied. They wrapped all my furniture like promised as well as the price was not different. It was a binding price like promised and I am very pleased. They made
my move very easy and I very much appreciate it. Thanks again!

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