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Moving with Southern California Moving And Storage

Welcome to Southern California Moving & Storage, Inc, your top source for local and long distance moving. Located in Temecula, California, it's our mission to be your primary destination for moving, storage, and packing. Our staff is dedicated to quality and meeting your needs as fully as possible. We aren't satisfied until you are this is why we have been in business for over 30 years. Your part of the family when you move with us.

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Great service moving. Al Davis the owner came and introduced him self and gave us an onsite estimate. Went very smooth and the movers were very careful. I would let all my friends and family know about your great work. Thank you again Al

I have been moving every couple of years with my job for 26 years. In the past four years I have moved five times. In all these moves I have never experienced a move as bad as I did with 'Darryle' moving our belongings. We had five pages of damaged items. My supisions were high when he picked up our belongings. I actually called the company to verify employment because he did not know how to fill out basic paperwork. This is our worst move ever. Sturdy belongings such as a 400lb safe were damaged. My wife is in tears because the desk her grandfather authored a book from is destroyed among other items.

Team go well beyond! They treat your things with consideration and are so quick and proficient. The rates are so sensible and solid.

It is elusive movers that you can put your trust in, however you won't commit an error on the off chance that you pick Southern California Movers! ! !

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