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PUC # 191292
1559 Union Ave #406
Los Gatos, CA 95032
Los Gatos
Contact Phone: (888) 469-0530
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I used to fill in as a mover back in school, so trust me when I let you know, I HATE MOVING. It's such a great amount of less demanding to move another person's stuff. Along these lines, now that I landed my huge kid position, and moving into my huge kid house, I figured it just normal to utilize movers. Enter Finish Line Moving. Kyle gave me an extraordinary quote, which he beat incidentally, and his movers were the sort of upstanding-looking young fellows that you would need in your home. You know, not the crisp out-of-jail look. The greater part of my stuff made it from our old spot to the new house, in one piece. You can't request more than that. I would prescribe this moving company again and again. They truly experience their moniker.

Exceptionally professional and effective! They were flexible and fit my schedule and they took awesome consideration in guaranteeing that my things were securely moved.

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