Qualex Inc

USDOT # 1348397
PUC # 190416
3541 Union Pacific Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90023
Los Angeles
Contact Phone:
Additional Phone: (323) 268-7496
Company Site: www.qualexinc.com

Moving with Qualex Inc

Qualex is a family owned White Glove Furniture Delivery Company. We also offerwarehouse spacefor storage. With our fleet of 26 ft. bobtail trucks, equipped with Rail Lifts, Nextel Communication, Scanning and GPS we are able to provide daily distribution within Southern California, twice weekly service to Las Vegas, weekly service to Northern California and weekly service to Arizona. All delivery personnel are properly trained, fully experienced, neat in appearance and English speaking. Qualex uses full time employees for all aspects of our services, we do not use independent contractors or temporary labor. Our people are long time employees who enjoy their jobs and perform to the best of their abilities.

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They were proficient, affable, and quick. The furnitures and sleeping cushions were all secured via cardboard paper and/or covers, and got shrink-wrapped. Bringing everything down from the nineteenth to the cellar happened rapidly, and they were significantly quicker with the emptying. I got everything moved without a scratch, I am extremely satisfied. I can just suggest them. Much obliged to you, folks

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