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12301 Wilshire Blvd Ste:100
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Los Angeles
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Additional Phone: 323-904-9270
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Moving with Jolly Dolly Movers

We Specialize in California Becuase we Only Move Calfornia.
It's basic, we have existed for a long time, that is one thousand ninety five days. In that timespan, we have
been all over California, to a percentage of the littlest towns and the biggest urban communities. We have been all over Los Angeles and know every last bit of it's sub-ranges extremely well, however our skill truly traverses everywhere throughout the brilliant state.
We cherish it here, we wouldn't live anyplace else, and we don't move anyplace else.

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The worst possible storage and moving company. Canceled my pickup the night before. No apologies. No suggestions. No help. Did not even feel bad. Use anybody but these guys or you will surely regret it.

Such an astounding administration! I purchased a couch and seat on Craigslist and subsequent to looking for a truck to lease, I found an advertisement for Dolly on the web. I downloaded the application and inside of minutes I had two aides on their way to the furniture area. The cost was extremely sensible considering the level of administration and comfort. The two assistants were well disposed, polite, and exceptionally proficient. I lament not thinking about the administration prior! I will be utilizing the administration ordinarily as a part without bounds.

What an extraordinary ordeal! I downloaded the application and had a pickup and conveyance planned in around 60 minutes. Everything worked out as expected. The driver was amicable and immediately reacted to my messages. He facilitated with the proprietors of the thing I was buying for the get. He then appeared at my home a brief span later and I offer him some assistance with unloading. I was cautioned by means of instant message all through so I knew where he was and what was going on. A mind blowing esteem. Can hardly wait to do it once more.

Well there you go, that's how you get it done now isn't it. These guys moved me like all they do is local moves and they know all the roads and challenges. Thank you for all my stuff being safe and sound.

Really good movers. Helpful and nice guys. I'm going to only use you as my movers from now on. I wont lye I was a little scared of the rate in the beginning but you well worth it. Thanks again

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