Garidelles Moving And Walters Transfer

USDOT # 1575046
PUC # 189839
5850 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019
Los Angeles
Contact Phone: 800.824.1267
Additional Phone: (323) 655-0555
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Moving with Garidelles Moving And Walters Transfer

Walter's Transfer Moving and Storage, is a pioneer in the moving and capacity industry, serving the more noteworthy Los Angeles region since 1944. Walter's Transfer gives nearby and long separation moves anyplace across the nation. Walter's movers are experienced, devoted, and willing to help your turn through and through. In the event that you require a mover in the LA zone, or anyplace across the country, consider moving with Walter's Transfer. Call us or round out the free online assessment structure.

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I heard a great deal about Garidelles Moving And Walters Transfer yet never attempted them. Be that as it may, a month ago I attempted them interestingly and got flabbergasted by their awesome client administration. The greater part of the 3 movers were just too useful for the assignment. They expertly took care of the whole move beginning from pressing, moving till putting away. They were skilled to the point that I never felt that I ought to guide them. I am exceptionally content with an extremely flawless execution and the value that I paid

I highly recommend this company.They were fast, hard working, and easy to communicate with.
They made sure everything was wrapped properly and efficiently and unpacked things speedily and safely. I am very impressed with this company and will hire them again in a heart beat for my next move.

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