ASD Transportation Services

USDOT # 2769467
PUC # 190707
1133 W 122nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90044
Los Angeles
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Additional Phone: (323) 812-5079
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I've moved with Asd Transportation Services 4 unique times and they have been fabulous every time. They work rapidly, are intensive and treat every one of your possessions with the consideration you would anticipate. Having utilized a few other moving companys as a part of the past, Asd Transportation Services is by a wide margin the best I have found. I profoundly exceedingly prescribe them !

Most exceedingly bad conceivable administration. A conveyance for a customer sat at their office for a month. Guaranteed a conveyance date which never happened. At the point when driver was out to convey (at last), he didn't know how to utilize the radio framework at the entryway and he headed out. Reaching dispatch is a purposeless activity.

I had a vast container transported from Pennsylvania to California and got it their dispersion focus as it was more prudent. Tragically, the container didn't fit in my SUV. Two of their staff offered me some assistance with unpacking the case and load it into my auto. This was no simple undertaking. They certainly didn't need to help me, yet it was awesome acknowledged! Phenomenal client administration.

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