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19801 Nordhoff Pl. Suite 106
Chatsworth, CA 91311
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Additional Phone: (818) 349-4000
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Moving with Presto Logistics

highest rated moving companiesprotect your moveFeel free to browse and choose from our wide variety of selections of moving services. You can rest assured that we will provide you with all the details that you need. We can handle all the packing assistance that you require or simply need professional moving help.
No matter what it is, we are certainly the best company that you can find as well we will customized your packing needs to what will suit your unique budget. You can forget about worrying about transporting your stuffs your in trusted hands. In addition to that, you can sit back and relax throughout the moving process. Customers are and will always be out top priority! Presto Logistics is in full operation in 48 states that can serve the needs of warehouse and transportation.

Although there are many competitors around, we are the most distinctive among the rest. Presto Moving company is privately owned and thus, our path is based on the needs of the customers. We give nothing but innovative response in order to maintain steady growth and lifelong stability. Responsibility to our clients with excellent service that we offer. We maintain practices of intelligent business as it is among the many factors of great success. Our motto is Integrity, Safety and Top Notch Service. These are the three things that give us the edge above the others, with Presto Logistics, we strive hard to ensure that customers will get the finest moving experience.

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All I truly needed to move was my studio loft from Atlanta to Gilbert AZ.. Doing a reversal home. I just had a room set and a few boxes and Presto was sensibly estimated, I saw some different costs that were close yet the organizations didnt appear to be excessively solid.

They scored it and were expert and accurate in moving and then establishing my dresser where i wanted it to go. They were brisk and accomplished at moving. Notable and tried-and-true.
I traveled from South San Francisco California to Earth city,TX. They packed up and took cared for my out door table. We would hear about for one's part for this moving workplace.
Zero of my tables were out of commission. Clifford, Enrique, and Wiley were magnificent.
The workers seemed that they could nail it well. This was my 1st time to move with this moving company and am so happy.

I was moving from Southern California to the long beach port because my move from the port to Catalina was very expensive. I got a great price from them and they did a great job packing everything into the container for me.. I really didn't have to touch anything it was a real breeze. They wrapped all furniture with packing blankets and kept my belongings from getting damaged, I mean the wrapped the furniture really well. It was like interior designer help us at the other end with the men in Catalina for the move in to my house. I would defiantly re hire this moving company in the future. Super happy with the service thank you very much.

All process was really great throughout! I set up my move in the matter of 30 minutes over the phone with Ryan. The guys in California was great to work with, very quick but proved to be very safe. I was worried based on some other reviews I saw that it would take a while to get to my home in Nashville, but they stayed in touch with me and got there 12 days after my pickup which is what I roughly anticipated. I understand that things can go wrong in this long moving process but I would give my stamp of approval on Presto any day of the week.

Showed up late, but I still give them the rating because they didn't break anything from what I've unpacked yet, so I feel pretty okay.

Really good service and nice management. Helped me get out quick.

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