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Big Bend is located at 41°1′11″N 121°54′28″W  /  41.01972°N 121.90778°W  / 41.01972; -121.90778 (41.019803, -121.907881).
The community is situated on a long bend in the Pit River which is the longest tributary to the Sacramento River . The Pit River (traditionally called Achoma) is one of only three rivers that crosses the Cascades mountain range and drains into the Pacific Ocean. Before the dams were built, the Pit River hosted the third largest Salmon run on the west coast of the USA. From Big Bend is a striking view of Chalk Mountain (called Too-le-pah-ah-te Ah-ko by the Madesi tribe) which has a natural exposed slide feature of diatomaceous earth . The slide is locally called the "White Buffalo," since it resembles a white bison. Another prominent mountain hovering over the town of Big Bend is called Bald Peak (called Ma-how-mah-day Ah-ko by the Madesi tribe), which has dozens of cold water springs, creating numerous creeks that feed into the Pit River, a spring-fed, or a "free stone" river.
According to the United States Census Bureau , the CDP has a total area of 5.8 square miles (15 km 2 ), 98.47% of it land and 1.53% of it water.
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