Lulu's Hauling

PUC # 190835
3089 Telegraph Ave
Berkeley, CA 94705
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Additional Phone: (510) 501-2690
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Moving with Lulu's Hauling

For moves with 3 movers or more, customary moving supplies are free, (counting tape, shrink wrap), moving covers and closet boxes we keep after the employment is done. We charge $7.50 each for sleeping cushion sacks.
For nearby moves, we charge twofold drive time between areas, so if your new address is 15 minutes from the old location we will charge for 30 minutes. This is an industry standard managed by the PUC, and remunerates us to drive back after the occupation is done. Drive time is charged at the same rate recorded previously.
Furthermore, we include a fuel charge of between $30-90 for every move contingent upon the separation in the middle of areas and the separation from our distribution center in Richmond.
Boxes to pack your family unit things cost from $1.50 - $10 each relying upon the size and thickness of the crate.
For separation moves more than 100 miles inside of the condition of California, we charge on a weight premise contingent upon the separation and weight of your products.

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Proficient, fastidious thus much fun!

I had an inclination that I had Hercules and his demiGods around :)). My team was Kevin, Keith and Daniel - such a decent gathering of folks - took care of my turn easily. Such an inviting team - even assisted with a runaway puppy that pursued our pooch down.... It was entertaining - we had a great time. Much appreciated Lulu's - for a third marvelous move.

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