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USDOT # 569048
403 N Huachuca Blvd
Huachuca City, AZ 85616
Huachuca City
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Additional Phone: (520) 456-1123
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Campstone Transfer, Inc. is a bona fide Atlas Moving Company. They are an expert moving organization with a demonstrated reputation. Regardless of where you are moving, Campstone Transfer, Inc. can offer you some assistance with getting there. Contact Campstone Transfer, Inc. for a free moving gauge today!

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I called Campstone Transfer in the wake of getting a quote of over $7,000 to move to Tucson from Sierra Vista!! Tabitha turned out to do the quote. She was on time, extremely amiable and exceptionally proficient. In the wake of assessing about the same weight as the other Company, her quote came in at right around 1/2 of what they cited. I had a complete move done, with their kin doing the pressing and stacking. What a decent group of individuals! They went our of their approach to ensure my turn went off effortlessly and it did. After 3 "Corporate Moves", I can genuinely say this was the best move. On the off chance that anybody in Sierra Vista or Huachuca City needs a mover, I would profoundly suggest Campstone Transfer.

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After the war, construction of paved roads increased. As a result, trucking began to achieve significant popularity by the 1930's.Soon after trucking became subject to various government regulation, such as the hours of service.During the later 1950's and 1960's, trucking accelerated due to the construction of the Interstate Highway System.The Interstate Highway System is an extensive network of freeways linking major cities cross country.

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Implemented in 2014, the National Registry, requires all Medical Examiners (ME) who conduct physical examinations and issue medical certifications for interstate CMV drivers to complete training on FMCSA’s physical qualification standards, must pass a certification test. This is to demonstrate competence through periodic training and testing. CMV drivers whose medical certifications expire must use MEs on the National Registry for their examinations.

FMCSA has reached its goal of at least 40,000 certified MEs signing onto the registry. All this means is that drivers or movers can now find certified medical examiners throughout the country who can perform their medical exam. FMCSA is preparing to issue a follow-on “National Registry 2” rule stating new requirements. In this case, MEs are to submit medical certificate information on a daily basis. These daily updates are sent to the FMCSA, which will then be sent to the states electronically. This process will dramatically decrease the chance of drivers falsifying medical cards.