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Skagway is located at 59°28′7″N 135°18′21″W  /  59.46861°N 135.30583°W  / 59.46861; -135.30583 (59.468519, −135.305962).
Skagway is located in a narrow glaciated valley at the head of the Taiya Inlet, the north end of the Lynn Canal , which is the most northern fjord on the Inside Passage on the south coast of Alaska. It is in the Alaska panhandle 90 miles northwest of Juneau , Alaska's capital city.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau , the borough has a total area of 464 square miles (1,200 km 2 ), of which 452 square miles (1,170 km 2 ) is land and 12 square miles (31 km 2 ) (2.5%) is water. It is currently the smallest borough in Alaska, having taken the title away from Bristol Bay Borough at its creation.
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