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Kodiak Transfer, Inc 5152 Tom Stiles Rd BLDG A

I came to Kodiak in 1960 seeking employment as a commercial fisherman, having spent my childhood on the Lower Columbia River as a Commercial Salmon Gillnetter. I was a salmon and king crab fisherman during the 1960's and met and married my wife Peggy Ann in 1966. During that time I became involved with Kodiak Transfer Company. I worked as Manager for the company for a time until I was drafted into the US Army from the Alaska National Guard during the Vietnam conflict. Shortly after being discharged from the US Army, we returned to Kodiak (1969) and were able to purchase the company from the owner, Daniel Ennslin.
In the early 1970s, we played a large part in moving the US Navy upon the closing of the Naval Station on Kodiak and soon after we moved the US Coast Guard back into the same facilities. We incorporated the business in 1975. Shortly thereafter, we were able to acquire the present location and began construction of the terminal that exists today near the Kodiak State Airport and the beautiful Buskin River.
Around that time, we provided necessary assistance to several local business entities wishing a foothold in our island community by representing them and operating their local needs until they grew to a point where they could operate on their own and they are still in Kodiak to this day.
From the earliest time, my lovely wife Peggy, has been closely involved with details of Kodiak Transfer, Inc. and provided the bookkeeping and office management needed to operate and grow. This position lent itself to an ideal situation where she could look after our growing children, usually on premises where they took on small jobs aiding in the growth of the business while acquiring valuable life experiences.
Our children, daughter Karina, and son, Kirk & his wife, Karren, operate the business today and have further expanded KTI's work scope into the field of logistics and consulting.
We are very proud of our close working relationship still today with the US Coast Guard and many other long time customers as well. It has been a great ride!

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Wendy A.

Wendy A.


For those earlier pictures with damages on the boxes. I share your sentiment and I am sorry this happen to your boxes. Please remember to use ONLY IMEREX BOXES when shipping your items because they are a lot STRONGER QUALITY than the others , Can carry up to 220 lbs. The POOR QUALITY which are NOT IMEREX boxes has a tendency of breaking down hence the tear on the sides which a lot of times items a falling out of the boxes. when they are out for distribution in the Phils. Imerex Staff in Carson strapped them securely before loading them to Container to the Phils. When they arrived and unload these heavy boxes in IMEREX Manila Warehouse, they needed to be taped before they are delivered to the Receiver. . I havent had any problems with them.

 Bridg B.

Bridg B.


To a great degree accommodating at the work area, after a long flight. Immediately clarified the "need to knows" for going in Ireland, all while giving extra tips on travel, eats, and celebrations. We truly making the most of our rental for the three week stay, and will run with Dooley once more. They were modest, and bother free.

Aaron S.

Aaron S.


I was going to my better half amid her entry level position in London and the driver I had take me once again from the air terminal was greatly amenable and a sheltered driver! My driver was Mr. Kiss, I trust his driver ID was CIBI and he is the reason I'm composing this survey. He arrived somewhat early however didn't have an issue holding up. He was a joy to converse with while in transit to the airplane terminal, got me to the air terminal on time, and was an incredible gentleman all around. Much thanks to you for the administration! Similarly as the moving company goes they are anything but difficult to work with, supportive when you require it, and they have some extraordinary drivers!

Debra W.

Debra W.


I went here to make DvD duplicates. I experienced difficulty finding a spot that would simply do a couple, however KODIAK TRANSFER was willing to do a little measure of duplicates. They even pulled the photo off of my unique to engrave onto the duplicates. Their costs were exceptionally sensible. They were amicable and brief in getting my request wrapped up. They even called me as they found an inconsistency in what I had composed and needed to affirm what I needed on one of the DvD duplicates. Exceptionally suggested


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In 1976, the number one hit on the Billboard chart was "Convoy," a novelty song by C.W. McCall about a convoy of truck drivers evading speed traps and toll booths across America. The song inspired the 1978 action film Convoy directed by Sam Peckinpah. After the film's release, thousands of independent truck drivers went on strike and participated in violent protests during the 1979 energy crisis (although similar strikes had occurred during the 1973 energy crisis).

In 1999, The Simpsons episode Maximum Homerdrive aired. It featured Homer and Bart making a delivery for a truck driver named Red after he unexpectedly dies of 'food poisoning'.

Many modern trucks are powered by diesel engines, although small to medium size trucks with gas engines exist in the United States. The European Union rules that vehicles with a gross combination of mass up to 3,500 kg (7,716 lb) are also known as light commercial vehicles. Any vehicles exceeding that weight are known as large goods vehicles.

Truckload shipping is the movement of large amounts of cargo. In general, they move amounts necessary to fill an entire semi-trailer or inter-modal container. A truckload carrier is a trucking company that generally contracts an entire trailer-load to a single customer. This is quite the opposite of a Less than Truckload (LTL) freight services. Less than Truckload shipping services generally mix freight from several customers in each trailer. An advantage Full Truckload shipping carriers have over Less than Truckload carrier services is that the freight isn't handled during the trip. Yet, in an LTL shipment, goods will generally be transported on several different trailers.

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In 1933, as a part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal”, the National Recovery Administration requested that each industry creates a “code of fair competition”. The American Highway Freight Association and the Federated Trucking Associations of America met in the spring of 1933 to speak for the trucking association and begin discussing a code. By summer of 1933 the code of competition was completed and ready for approval. The two organizations had also merged to form the American Trucking Associations. The code was approved on February 10, 1934. On May 21, 1934, the first president of the ATA, Ted Rogers, became the first truck operator to sign the code. A special "Blue Eagle" license plate was created for truck operators to indicate compliance with the code.

Moving companies that operate within the borders of a particular state are usually regulated by the state DOT. Sometimes the public utility commission in that state will take care of it. This only applies to some of the U.S. states such as in California (California Public Utilities Commission) or Texas (Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. However, no matter what state you are in it is always best to make sure you are compliant with that state