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USDOT # 2172780
5640 Oakwood RD
Huntsville, AL 35806
Contact Phone: 844.929.1039
Additional Phone: (256) 430-1198
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Moving with AppleWhite Movers

AppleWhite Movers provides positive services to our clients as we attempt to fulfill our clients demands.
Our moving and storage company can transport plus in your arena from your former space to your new abode. Clients have besides disclosed to us that AppleWhite Movers is the practiced in the territorial dominion.
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Absolutely terrible business. They were scheduled to both pack and move our house. After 3 no shows, we called them and they told us they were out of town and said they could no longer help us. We were very patient with them and they knew full well we needed the help due to current medical issues we are dealing with right now. They treated us terribly and did not even provide us the courtesy of cancelling before they were a no show. Stay away from this business.

Thank you much for for your professionalism, efficiency and kindness. We will definitely recommend you and use you guys again.

Thank you much for for your professionalism, efficiency and kindness. We will definitely recommend you and use you guys again.

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