Arbitration Request Form

Moving Authority Arbitration Request Form

You can submit a dispute to arbitration through the Arbitration Request Form below. Moving Authority provides its Dispute Settlement Program based on legal guidelines. We adhere to Section 14708 of Title 49, United States Code policies. These policies get amended through authority of the US Department of Transportation (DOT). What Is the Cost for Obtaining Operating Authority/Trucking Authority?

Please use the form to request arbitration. This form is best for any party that has a dispute with a mover. Have you not been able to resolve your legal dispute? If so, there are two main types of arbitration moving disputes. Moving Authority specializes in both forms of these disputes. The first dispute scenario involves articles in a shipment. These articles have gotten damaged, destroyed, or lost during your move. Here is the second type of arbitral dispute that Moving Authority specializes in. It’s a dispute involving extra charges billed to you by a mover. These charges would have appeared once delivery of your shipment took place. If you are a motor carrier within California state lines, you have to have a CA DOT number. The USDOT Biennial Update is a registration form carriers have to sign every two years.

Per the rules of this program, you have to submit your request in a written format. You can use the form to submit your request to arbitrate. Plus, the form will allow you to give us crucial information for processing your request. Make sure that you complete all pages of the request form. Do you want to format your request for arbitration into a written letter? If so, please include all requested information featured within this form. Are you a freight or cargo carrier in need of motor carrier authority? If so, you're in the right spot for all operating authority needs. Carriers are not the only entity that benefits from using published tariffs. Moving Authority specializes in providing world-class Broker Authority Freight Packages.

Basic Dispute Information

If a section does not apply to your arbitration request, please write “n/a.”

-First Name:

-Last Name:

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-Phone Number:

-Email Address:

-Name of Your Moving Company:

-The Moving Company’s US DOT Number:

-The Moving Company’s MC Number:

-Address of the Mover:

-Is Your Mover an Agent for a Van Line?

-If so, Which Van Line?

-What Is the Amount in Dispute?

-Did Your Mover Offer a Settlement?

-If So, How Much Is the Settlement?

-City and State That You Moved From

-City and State That You Moved To:

-Date the Shipment Got Picked Up:

-Date the Shipment Got Delivered:

-Bill of Lading Number:

-Shipment Number:

-Did the Shipment Move Through Your Name:

-If Not, What Is the Name That the Shipment Is Under?

Which form of dispute are you desiring to arbitrate? Please check one or both of the boxes below:

-DISPUTED CHARGES. These are charges that your mover billed you once your shipment got delivered. Does your business need to learn some key information about providing warehouse receipts?

-LOSS OR DAMAGE. This relates to the transported articles within your shipment.

Before proceeding, please keep the following notion in mind. Did you mover collect charges for services when your shipment got delivered? If so, these charges are not subject to a mandatory arbitration provision. How Do You Know if You Need To Get Texas DOT Registration for a Texas DOT Number?

What Is the Cost of Arbitration?

How Do You Fill Out Carrier agreements for Household Goods? Moving Authority and its affiliates must always maintain a fair and neutral position. That’s why our arbitration program can get administered by a national forum. A forum functions as a non-governmental and independent organization. It is not affiliated with Moving Authority on a direct basis. Plus, the forum is also not affiliated with any US household goods moving company. Our Broker Authority Mover Package is all-inclusive. It contains everything that moving companies need within a single package

The fees that a forum charges to arbitrate a moving dispute or case can vary. Keep in mind that you are the party that is instituting the case. Because of this, you will get requested to pay part of the fee. This should take place once your case goes to arbitration. (Unless the mover decides to pay your party’s share of the arbitration fee.) Disputes totaling above $10,000 will sometimes lead to a second fee. The amount of that fee varies based on the total amount in dispute. Are you moving within the state of New York? New York Tariff are documents that correlate pricing and laws set out by NYDOT. Does your company provide state-of-the-art employee packets?

Please remember that many moving disputes get settled before arbitration begins. DO NOT provide us with an administrative fee when making a first arbitration request. Also, DO NOT provide detailed documents that support your position for this request. Moving Authority will ask you to provide this information at a later date. We will do so once we know that your dispute cannot get settled. That’s when your case can proceed to arbitration through a forum. Is your company considering acquiring hotshot authority?

Describe Your Dispute

We encourage you to describe your dispute in the box below. Please mention how you believe the claim should get resolved through the mover. If needed, you can attach documents and sheets to the arbitration request. A moving claims package can benefit both moving companies and customers.

-Please describe the basis of your moving dispute here:

You're Welcome To Email Us Your Request for Arbitration

Does your web browser not support filling out this form? If so, please save this file on your computer. Then, you can complete the form and submit it through an email to Moving Authority. Or, you can print this form and fax it to Moving Authority. Does Your Company Need To Join an Alcohol and Drug Program for Testing?

We Can Provide a Party With Rules & Procedures for Arbitration

Moving Authority has access to some of the top arbitration organizations in the US. Through our resources, we can provide any party with a list of arbitral rules and procedures. This way, you’ll know what to expect if you have to arbitrate against your mover. Arbitration functions as a successful alternative dispute resolution process. It saves parties time and money due to avoiding court litigation. Moving Authority is here to connect you to an arbitration organization or forum. This way, you can discover a cost-effective resolution to the dispute with your mover. Filing a Form BOC 3 is important for more than receiving FMCSA authority.

Questions About Requesting Arbitration? Contact Moving Authority Today

Do you have any questions about requesting arbitration through Moving Authority services? If so, please give our organization a call at any time. One of our moving industry experts can assess your problems and provide suggestions. You're also welcome to send us an email or message us on the Moving Authority website. Speaking of our website, it features articles and blogs that describe moving arbitration. Reading this information might help you make an informed decision. Our team looks forward to serving as your number one resource for moving arbitration. Is your organization in need of UCR registration? If so, you've come to the right spot.