Household Goods Dispute Settlement Program

Welcome to the Arbitration Dispute Settlement Brochure of Moving Authority. This brochure focuses on using arbitration to resolve household goods disputes. Arbitration can solve many disputes related to interstate household goods shipments. We recommend that you read the entire brochure to learn the basics of arbitration. Please contact us if you need more information about our Dispute Settlement Program. We can send that information to any consumer or company. Plus, Moving Authority can provide you with a copy of sample forms and program rules. How Do You Know if You Need To Get Texas DOT Registration for a Texas DOT Number?

How Can I Request That Arbitration Take Place To Resolve a Household Goods Dispute? 

There are options for requesting to resolve a dispute through arbitration. Most people begin the process by giving the Moving Authority team a call. But you’re also welcome to email or fax our organization. You can even message us on our website. The request should get submitted within 90 days. That time frame applies to the mover denying your claim. Or, within 90 days of the mover supplying you with a final written settlement offer. Having an MC Number matters when you start a trucking company.

When you request arbitration, please include your name, phone number, and address. Also submit the name of the mover. If the shipment has an identification number, please include that number. You’ll also want to include the name under the shipment if it’s different from your own name. Please also provide the location and date for where the shipment got picked up. (And also the location and date of where the shipment got delivered.) Let us know the exact dollar amount that you're seeking to recover by way of arbitration. It’s best for you to also provide a short description of the dispute. The description should state how you think the claim should get resolved by the mover. If you are a motor carrier within California state lines, you have to have a CA DOT number.

More About Requesting Arbitration for a Dispute Settlement

Keep in mind that settlements often take place before the arbitral process starts. Thus, DO NOT provide an administrative fee with your first request. Also, there’s no need to supply detailed documents that support your position at first. Instead, Moving Authority can ask you to submit that information at a later time. This will happen if your moving dispute cannot get settled. If that happens, the case can proceed to arbitration through our forum. Is your company considering acquiring hotshot authority

Let’s say that Moving Authority receives your information. Our team can notify the mover about your request to arbitrate. Now, assume that your dispute falls under our program guidelines. And a settlement with the mover does not take place. Moving Authority can forward you program rules and required forms. Next, you’ll have thirty days to fill out the forms and give them to the forum. That is when you will pay your part of an administrative fee. This means it’s now the mover’s turn to send over documentation. Plus, your mover will pay its own part of our administrative fee. Once these steps are out of the way, the arbitration process can begin. Arbitrators make most of their decisions within thirty days. This time frame applies once arbitrators view forms and documents. Our Broker Authority Mover Package is all-inclusive. It contains everything that moving companies need within a single package. Does Your Company Need To Join an Alcohol and Drug Program for Testing?

How Much Does Arbitration Cost?

The administrative fees of the Moving Authority arbitration program can vary. The forum charges specific amounts based on the claim of each dispute. Please contact Moving Authority to receive an estimate for our arbitration services. We often divide the costs of each claim into a mover’s share and consumer’s share. But the charges get based on the total amount of a claim in dispute. A moving claims package can benefit both moving companies and customers.

Sometimes an arbitrator will apportion a fee as part of the final arbitral award. The arbitrator does so by figuring out which party must pay specific costs. Oftentimes, a party must pay part of the total arbitration proceeding cost. This can include the cost of starting the process of arbitration. Sometimes an arbitrator will decide to refund part of the administrative fees. Again, the process varies based on the circumstances of every dispute. Does your company provide state-of-the-art employee packets?

What Is the Purpose of Arbitration? 

Arbitration is a top-rated US dispute resolution process. It’s where a neutral arbitrator resolves the dispute of two or more parties. This way, an arbitrator replaces a jury or judge in court. Parties within each dispute come to an agreement on which arbitrator to use. The arbitrator then reviews the dispute and resolves it. So, how does a final arbitral resolution take place? An arbitrator renders an award or decision that has legal binding status on the parties. How Do You Fill Out Carrier agreements for Household Goods? Moving Authority specializes in providing world-class Broker Authority Freight Packages.

Litigation is not that different from arbitration. But arbitration has a much better reputation. In fact, arbitration is often a faster and more cost-efficient process. Think of arbitration as an adjudicative process. Its purpose is to resolve specific legal issues. In this case, these issues can get submitted by a mover or by you. Unlike litigation, most legal rules of evidence do not apply in arbitration. Plus, arbitration gets conducted in a private setting instead of a public forum. Many parties prefer arbitration because it avoids the high costs of lawsuits. Most arbitrations save parties a lot of time and money compared to court sessions. Does your organization face the possibility of needing to secure a USDOT number?

How Does the Arbitration Settlement Program Function? 

Moving Authority can function as an association that represents agents and carriers. These are the agents and carriers of the household goods moving industry. So, why do we sponsor a dispute settlement program? So that members can adhere to all federal rules and regulations. One of the rules involves providing a fair mechanism for resolving moving disputes. These disputes focus on articles in a shipment claimed as lost or damaged. (This happens during a move.) Other disputes involve charges billed by a mover once the delivery of a shipment happens. Are you a freight or cargo carrier in need of motor carrier authority?

Moving Authority can use an arbitration forum to administer our arbitration program. A forum refers to a nongovernmental, independent organization. It’s an organization without affiliations to any household goods moving company. The forum can provide a panel of neutral and independent arbitrators. These arbitrators include law professors, attorneys, and former federal/state judges. The mission of these arbitrators is to resolve moving disputes in a fast and fair manner. Does your business need to learn some key information about providing warehouse receipts?

More About Our Arbitration Dispute Program

The forum can charge an administrative fee when arbitrating a legal dispute. Most administrative fees get divided between two parties. (Unless a mover decides to pay a party’s share of a fee.) The parties during a proceeding are you and your mover. Meanwhile, the forum serves as a neutral program administrator. 

Moving Authority itself does not take on much of a role in any arbitration proceeding. We also cannot influence the outcome of an arbitration decision. Instead, Moving Authority functions as a clearinghouse. Our goal is to ensure that your mover accepts your request to arbitrate. Otherwise, the mover could violate a key federal statute. Keep in mind that Moving Authority will respect your right to privacy. And a high level of privacy extends to the arbitrator’s binding decision.

When Should Arbitration Take Place?

Many moving disputes become eligible for arbitration. The disputes concern unresolved claims for interstate shipments of household goods. They relate to individual consumers that might experience loss or damage. (This is about articles contained within a shipment.) Or, a dispute might focus on extra charges billed by the mover. These charges take place once the delivery of a shipment happens. Many disputed claims of damage and loss have eligibility for arbitration. That’s because mandatory arbitration provisions are often at play. But only certain disputed charges can lead to arbitral proceedings.

Does your dispute involve charges collected by a mover when a shipment got delivered? If so, this form of dispute isn’t subject to mandatory arbitration. But say a dispute concerns extra charge billed by a mover once a shipment’s delivered. This type of dispute is eligible for consideration through mandatory arbitration provisions. Here is an example of how moving arbitration works. Let’s say your mover charges you an extra amount once your shipment gets delivered. The amount of extra billing can become subject to arbitration. But not the amount that you already paid the mover when your shipment arrived.

What Is an Award Granted by an Arbitrator? 

An arbitrator can grant any relief or remedy that he or she feels is appropriate. This takes place within the scope of you and your mover’s agreement. The agreement must adhere to the rules of the arbitration program. Each amount of an award cannot exceed the mover’s liability through the bill of lading. Or, let’s say the arbitral proceedings involve disputed charges. An amount of an award cannot exceed the total amount of disputed extra charges. Is your organization in need of UCR registrationIf so, you've come to the right spot.

Each arbitrator considers all laws when making crucial legal decisions. The arbitrator will also study the provisions listed in the mover’s tariff. Plus, the arbitrator will base a decision on common practices in the moving industry. Keep in mind that an arbitrator doesn’t have jurisdiction to consider many claims. These can include mental anguish, loss of wages, alleged fraud, and punitive damages. Please contact Moving Authority if you're unsure if a dispute can go to arbitration. New York Tariff are documents that correlate pricing and laws set out by NYDOT.

Contact Us To Learn More About Settling Your Mover’s Dispute Through Arbitration

Do you have questions about the Moving Authority arbitration program and forum? If so, please give our experts a call right now. You can also send over a message on our website or send out an email. We know that the concept of arbitration can seem confusing. But our team’s ready to provide crucial information that you need. This way, we can help you settle the dispute with your mover. We look forward to providing you with premium moving dispute settlement services. Filing a Form BOC 3 is important for more than receiving FMCSA authority. It’s also crucial for maintaining that service for a long period of time. 

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