Beginner's Guide to Furniture Pads:
The Best Hack to Saving Your Furniture

furniture pads

  1. Do I Really Need Furniture Pads?
  2. My Items Are Big, So They Won't Break Right? 
  3. There's More to Furniture Protection Than Just Furniture Pads
  4. How Do I Know How Many I Need?
  5. Take Appropriate Care of Your Specialty Items
  6. How Do I Go About Getting Furniture Pads or Blankets?
  7. Trailers Are Typically Not Ideal for Furniture
  8. Are Furniture Pads Really Necessary?
  9. Where Can I Get Furniture Blankets?

1. Do I Really Need Furniture Pads?

If you are planning to move your furniture without the help of a full-service mover, there are a few things that you must take seriously to ensure the move goes well, and everything arrives at the new location in one piece. Protecting furniture is one of the most important things to do during a move, as heavier items are more likely to be broken when transporting them. If you do not take the time to wrap your furniture with pads, then it will be susceptible to scratches, rips, and dents. 

2. My Items Are Big, So They Won't Break Right? 

Many people follow the notion that, because furniture is so large, it cannot be damaged. Well, this is just not true. Larger items are more likely to be damaged than smaller items because of their weight, which could cause the item to shift during transit and become damaged. Getting furniture pads that can withstand the forces of a move is one of the most important steps that can be taken when planning your move. You may also disassemble large pieces of furniture to reduce the chance of damage during the move. For example, moving a couch safely is not difficult if done correctly. Since it is a large piece of furniture it would be disassembled and wrapped completely to avoid any damage. You may need other equipment such as a dolly, strap, or sliders as well. 

3. There's More to Furniture Protection Than Just Furniture Pads

Far too many people who move these days realize that it doesn’t make sense to spend thousands of dollars on a move, but go cheap when it comes to protecting the things they are moving. Furniture protection is also often forgotten by people who just have too much on their minds during the moving process. You may be wondering what we mean when we say ‘furniture protection’. It is actually a term that covers many different items. More specifically, furniture protection is referred to as moving blankets, furniture blankets, and furniture pads.There is, however, other equipment that may be necessary to move heavier items safely. 

4. How Do I Know How Many I Need?

You may be wondering exactly how many furniture pads you will need while you are moving from one home to another. While it is not possible to provide an exact estimate for how many moving pads you will need, it is likely that you should expect to need around 12 pads for every five cubic feet of space in the moving truck. If you don’t know how large the truck is, just keep in mind that it is always better to have more than less. If you are using a moving truck that is 28’ in length, then you should plan to have more moving blankets. This is due to the fact that the truck uses a spring suspension that makes the ride bouncier, thus increasing the chances of damage to your goods.

5. Take Appropriate Care of Your Specialty Items 

If you have antique furniture, or your move contains mostly furniture, then you should also plan to use more moving pads or possibly downsizing and selling or donating some furniture or even putting some into long term storage. These pads can also be used to protect other items, such as glass items, mirrors, vases, or anything else that could break during transport. On the other side of this, you should use less than our recommended amount of moving pads if your move is mostly boxes, containers, and other non-breakable items.

6. How Do I Go About Getting Furniture Pads or Blankets?

You can get moving pads from a number of places. It all depends on the specific moving services you have chosen. If you have rented a moving truck, most rental companies also give you the option to rent pads. If you are moving with a POD company, then you may have less luck. Many storage container rental companies don’t offer blanket rental. If your company does not offer rentals, then you may have to buy moving pads or look into one of the options discussed below.

7. Trailers Are Typically Not Ideal for Furniture

If you are using a moving trailer to transport your goods, then you may also be out of luck. The ‘you load, we drive’ companies often require you to buy your own pads. Only a very select few of these companies offer furniture pads to use when moving.

8. Are Furniture Pads Really Necessary?

Unless you want your goods to be damaged during a move, then investing in furniture pads is a good option. If you cannot afford to purchase moving pads, then there are some other options that will also be effective in protecting your furniture from the stresses of moving such as:

Blankets and Towels. These are a good alternative to moving pads, although most will be soiled when they reach your new home. Still, it is better than the alternative.

Cardboard. Using broken-down cardboard boxes is also an option for protecting your goods. Breaking down boxes to wrap your furniture around will keep them protected, but you may need a lot of boxes, depending on the size of your move.

9. Where Can I Get Furniture Blankets?

Like many things these days, you can purchase furniture blankets on Amazon. If you do not have the budget for regular moving blankets, then you can also find other options online, such as paper pads. While not as good or protective as regular blankets, they are way better than nothing. To get rid of some stress and clutter in your life, moving is a great opportunity to get rid of unwanted things, such as furniture. Check out Moving Authority for more information on moving blankets, as well as help with moving.

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